Software Development
The team at One-of-a-kind Software takes a very straighforward approach to Software Development. We take the necessary time to learn and understand your business. It's the best approach to providing the best solution. We provide services that cover all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle from gathering initial requirements through to delivery and support. Other services include:


Modernization Most organizations have many applications that need to be delivered to a wide variety of users.  In addition, the number and variety of applications is growing, and the void between applications and users is increasing with time, driven by opposing market forces. These applications represent a large investment, and it is to the company's advantage to reduce the issues that existing applications may be causing the organization. We often find that much of the functionality of a legacy application is still required by an organization. In most cases, the organization has spent a great deal of money and effort over a long period of time, building applications that are customized to their needs and processes. Issues and risks often result from the technology on which the applications are based. The technology may no longer be supported, it may be difficult to retain skilled technicians, or the applications my be based on legacy interfaces with which the current gerneration of technicians are not familiar. These issues, and many others, can be resolved by the modernization of the systems without the need to replace them with complete packages or total rewrites.

Custom Development

Custom Development Your business is unique. Your processes are unique. In most cases, finding and purchasing off-the-shelf software is not possible. The only solution is to have software built and taylored to fit your business. One-of-a-kind Software will meet with your staff and understand and learn your business and processes. This is the best approach to determine what kind of solution works best for your organization.


Design One-of-a-kind Software can work with your technical team to aid in the design of processes or systems. Whether meeting one-on-one or through Joint-Application-Design sessions, the goal is to understand your business and to document your processes.

System Integration

System Integration One-of-a-kind Software System Integration offering, provides the expertise to help organizations integrate data from separate systems that provide data in different formats and exchanging data using a variety of technologies.

System integration goes beyond just the sharing of information between systems, it also includes ensuring data exchanges are secure and reliably provide and consume data. Organizations must trust the data is that is managed by applications.

One-of-a-kind Software has the expertise to work with an organization’s business and technical teams to gather requirements, design the transformation and consumption of data and producing the entire development of the system integration.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture For a development project to be successful the interaction and understanding of the business side of organization and the technical side of the organization is paramount. It is not uncommon to have very knowledgeable business teams and very knowledgeable technical teams, but it is also not uncommon that both sides don’t understand each other.

This misunderstanding leads to extra development rework and applications that do not satisfy all the business needs. One-of-a-kind Software has the expertise to become the connector between the two groups, being able to capture and document the business needs and translate the business needs into well designed and clear, robust technical designs.