Security is porous…and your best protection is to manage risk.

Companies should be conducting proper risk assessments – not just reacting to data breaches. The goal is to prevent breaches from happening in the first place.

One-of-a-kind Software is a leading provider of practical security and compliance solutions for enterprises that want to mitigate risk in their environments and defend against data breaches.

Our Services

Services One-of-a-kind Software Risk Management offering helps your organization make strategic decisions about security investments base on your company’s risk tolerance. We will help you design a Risk Management program that is scalable and repeatable while observing your organization’s specific Risk Management posture and maturity. We help you manage your information security risks without having to over-spend on unesscessary security products. As practitioners, visionaries and tacticians we are passionate about helping others succeed by sharing our decades of “in the trenches” experience. We are eager to provide value-added technology/business knowledge and support from conception to implementation.

CISO on Demand (Staff Augmentation)

As a small to medium firm, you have many of the same Information Security challenges as large organizations, yet may lack the full-time staff to adequately protect against all high risks. One-of-a-kind Software is the ideal partner, allowing your organization to augment our team with specialists when needed.

The CISO On Demand program is a comprehensive solution that is often out of reach for many organizations. Success is ensured by utilizing an experienced, successful CISO to Architect and manage the implementation of an organization’s security strategy. Costs associated with implementing a company’s strategy is minimized as the CISO is not a full-time permanent employee. This affords organizations the benefit of an experienced CISO and highly specialized security talent for a fraction of the cost without the difficulties, complications and commitment of hiring full-time security leadership and technical staff. The CISO will assist your organization to develop and maintain the optimum security program relevant to your organization risk tolerance. This allows for better planning on budgeting, resource allocation and compliance posture.

1 to 3 days a week.

Security Specialist (Staff Augmentation)

One-of-a-kind Software's unique client requirements qualification and candidate matching process provides assurance the client is investing in the right candidate. Selecting a candidate for a particular security position is a daunting task. A security specialist in encryption does not necessarily have the expertise to develop an Identity and Access Management program. We take the process to a different level than placement agency. We initially meet with the client to review and document their requirements, then we match these requirements with our list of candidates. Our candidate review board, consisting of three experts in the security field, interviews the candidate and score the candidate qualifications. We also keep track of each candidate's project results and rate the candidates. This process provides a level of confidence to the client that they will obtain the value from their investment in the selected candidate. Additionally, our resources are backed by our expert team. Therefore, no candidate is on their own; they have the opportunity to obtain the One-of-a-kind Software expertise build over several years.

Threat Risk Assessments / Privacy Impact Assessments

One-of-a-kind Software professionals have many years of expertise conducting Threat Risk Assessments (TRA) and Privacy Risk Assessments (PIA). One-of-a-kind Software's TRA/PIA conforms to jurisdictions and best practices:

  1. Requirements for Health Information Network Providers under PHIPA.
  2. Relevant security best practices and standards (i.e. ISO 17799/27799 & COBIT).
  3. Canada Health Infoway - Logical Privacy and Security Architecture Guidelines.
  4. ISO/IEC 27005:2008 Information technology -- Security techniques -- Information security risk management.
  5. ISO/IEC 27799:2008 Health informatics -- Information security management in health using ISO/IEC 27002.
  6. NIST SP800-30 Risk Management Guide for Information technology.

Security Design & Implementation

Security Design We recognize that when it comes to security solutions, there is no “one size fits all”. All our customers have a different set of challenges and risks they have to tackle. In addition, each client organization has a different set of policies and business requirements that drive the needs for custom security solutions.

This philosophy is embedded in One-of-a-kind Software’s approach for security solution design and implementation, be it an Identity and Access Management system or an Enterprise Security Risk Management framework. The following is a list of services our customers frequently hire us for when custom security solutions are needed:

  • Solution technical architecture & requirements definition.
  • Vendor-neutral product evaluation & proof of concept (POC).
  • RFP/RFI management and vendor selection.
  • Program Management.
  • Systems integration and configuration (custom-built and off-the-shelf).
  • Project and Program management.

Business Process and Operational Security Program Consulting

One-of-a-kind Software offers business process and operational security program consulting to improve the effectiveness of day-to-day security operations and procedures. Our service includes assessing process areas for improvement, designing future procedures, and implementing them within your organization.

IT Security Project Management and Consulting

One-of-a-kind Software IT security project management and consulting offering provides you with experienced security professionals who can drive your security projects to completion using leading practice methodologies and subject matter expertise. Our priority is providing quality project execution while demonstrating the business value of your security investments.

Security Awareness

An active security awareness program can greatly reduce many risks which cannot be addressed through security software and hardware devices. In these cases, it's the human element of security that must be addressed which is exactly what our products are designed to do.

One-of-a-kind Software offers the broadest range of professional, effective and affordable security awareness products and services that can immediately begin to increase the level of security awareness in your organization.

Data Security and Privacy

Security Privacy The information security industry exists because sensitive data exists and thus data security and privacy are paramount to any organization that houses sensitive data. Whether that sensitive data is subject to regulatory mandates or is proprietary intellectual property (IP), today’s blurring of traditional network perimeters combined with disruptive technologies such as ‘the cloud,’ make securing your organization’s sensitive information increasingly difficult.

One-of-a-kind Software helps our clients’ protect their sensitive data by discovering what data they possess, understanding the requirements associated with possessing such data, following its path from initial entry to archival and determining if existing controls are effective at preventing its unauthorized disclosure.

One-of-a-kind Software's Data Security and Privacy services include:

  • Data Classification Development and Review.
  • Data Discovery Assessment.
  • Data Extrusion Testing.
  • Data Flow Analysis.
  • Data Loss Prevention.

Policy, Standard, and Guideline Development and Review

One-of-a-kind Software security policy, standard, and guideline offering will identify and remediate gaps in your security governance program. Our service can help you design an Information Security Governance Pro gr am and author specific policies and technical standards that fit your organizational needs.

Risk Management Program Consulting

One-of-a-kind Software Risk Management offering helps you make strategic decisions about security investments based on your company’s risk tolerance. We will help you design a Risk Management program that is scalable and repeatable while observing your organization's specific Risk Management posture and maturity.

Third party/vendor security controls assessment

Our third-part/vendor security controls assessment service identifies security issues by conducting targeted threat and risk assessments against business partners’ environment. Our asset-focused approach to risk analysis also involves determining the associated likelihood, impact, risk, and mitigation associated with each issue.

Identity and Access Governance

Identity Access One-of-a-kind Software has real-world experience at every phase of Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solution implementation projects. Our view of the IAG solution lifecycle is illustrated in three key phases:

  • Plan
  • Impement
  • Sustain

Based on several dozens of successful identity management and access governance solution implementations, we know the importance of proper planning. Frequently though, this phase is not given sufficient attention the end result of which is complications during the implementation and potentially failed projects. With the following services, we help ensure that your project has the highest chance for success from the very beginning:

  • Develop solution strategy and road map in alignment with business imperatives
  • Define solution business and technical requirements
  • Assist with product selection and proof of concept (POC) to recommend best-fit solutions
  • Provide expert-level solution architecture and design
  • Develop an end-to-end deployment plan with consideration to dependencies and risks