Project Management

Our Approach

Project Management We all know the traditional methods of Project Management and how each have their respective uses and challenges. One-of-a-kind Software will work with clients on the best possible approach for each project. Part of our approach is to ensure all necessary stakeholders are included right from the initiation phase. Keeping the line of communication open from the beginning stages is extremely important to ensure everyone is on the right page prior to any charter development.

One area of contention for most projects is the underestimating the number of appropriate resources required to successfully manage the project through to completion. In our experience this is an area of extreme importance and really requires special attention to at the beginning stages of any project. Far too often many Project Managers are left scrambling at the last minute due to a lack of resources or unavailability for specific tasks. It is very important that the Project Manager work very closely with the Line Managers to ensure appropriate and adequate resources are available and in many cases solid backup resources.

At One-of-a-kind Software these are just some of the areas of Project Management we will partner and collaborate with you to achieve your successful project implementations.