Our Team

Our Team

At One-of-a-kind Software we pride ourselves in delivering the highest in service quality. To date, each group member has 20+ years of experience in designing and delivering technology services.

We take our quality of service and dedication to our clients very seriously. We take pride in our approach with clients. Many IT firms show up and basically deliver a product or service with little to no knowledge transfer. One-of-a-kind Software is the exact opposite. We ensure there is knowledge transfer between the client and us regardless of the project size and scope.

In order to successfully deliver high end service you cannot do this without this type of approach. In the end we are both successful and this will ensure a continued healthy and respectful partnership. We listen, we care and we deliver what the client is expecting. We also ensure what we deliver is of the latest technology, robust and of course scalable.

  • Our team learns the business side of what we are building and then designs and uses the best technologies to satisfy the business needs.

  • Each member of the One-of-a-kind Software team draws from experiences and years of providing high quality services to provide ideas and suggestions to our clients.

  • Our systems are designed to be at a very high level of quality, but also designed to be easily maintainable and expanded in the future.

  • At One-of-a-kind Software, we are very conscience of the privacy of a clients intellectual property and privacy of their data.

  • One-of-a-kind Software's goal is to exceed the customer's expectations, in quality, timeline and above all, professionalism.